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Dear Trick or Treat Author,
Thanks in advance for writing for me! I’m very excited to see what you come up with (and I hope you’re not stressing at all because I’m super easy to please). ;)) I asked for a trick and I’m a huge fan of darkfic & horror, so I’m including some darker ideas/prompts/details here to help get the creative juices flowing. Also I’m 100% onboard with any porny goodness if you want to go in that direction. No matter what you decide to write, please don’t feel like you have to be limited by my suggestions. Have fun and go crazy!
Tropes/kinks I tend to like: angst, altered states of the mind, consent play or consent issues (like fuck or die, sex pollen, made them do it, etc.), extortion/blackmail, darkfic, hookerfic, mind control or mind games, power dynamics, prisonfic, psychological horror, slavefic, supernatural powers, hurt/comfort, darkfic.
Tropes/kinks that are not really my thing: curtainfic, mundane AU, high school AU, kidfic, unadulterated fluff (though happy endings and/or loving relationships are more than fine!)
DNWs: underage, omegaverse, animal abuse, extreme/graphic mutilation, foot fetish, hard kinks that include non-sexual bodily functions (like scat or watersports)
Marvel Cinematic Universe
(Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Brock Rumlow, Peter Quill, Tony Stark)
There’s no end of directions to go in the MCU and I absolutely adore this fandom for its diversity of ideas. If you want to go the pairing route, I would be thrilled with any of these characters in any possible combination. But I’d be equally happy with a gen or character-study type story; MCU characters are all so dynamic and fun to play with! (Also, I have absolutely no problem with hydra trash party if you’ve got the inkling.)
Possible Ideas/Prompts:
1 - None of these characters are particularly close, and in a few cases they actively dislike each other. What if they were thrown together in some weird situation and had to trust each other/work in concert to deal with it?
2 - Mirrorverse, anyone? What if one of the good guys was evil (maybe he always had a horrible hidden dark side, or something happened to alter his mind or mindset)?
3 - We got some really interesting ideas of futuristic prisons in CA:CW. What if the boys (or one of them) was imprisoned for whatever reason? What happens? How do they deal with it?
(Characters: Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter)
I’m pretty new to this fandom and I am IN LOVE with Hannigram. The whole evil murder husbands locked together in their fucked-up kind of unending love is so exactly my jam. But if you don’t want to write the romance, both Will and Hannibal are so dark and complex in their own right—anything gen or focused on just one of them would be awesome.
Possible Ideas/Prompts:
1 - What if Will is or (turns out to be) even more of a monster than Hannibal?
2 - No one can beat Hannibal on horror. What kind of special awfulness would he serve up for Halloween?
3 - What happens post-Fall, now that Will and Hannibal have finally admitted to each other (and to themselves) what they are and how they feel about each other? (C’mon, you knew I had to throw that one in there. ;)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
(Characters: Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne)
I really loved the dark, gritty atmosphere of BvS. Bruce and Clark are at odds with each other for pretty much the 90% of the movie, while both still being “good guys” and both equally convinced they alone are in the right. Throwing these two together in a relationship is sure to result in some dark/angsty goodness. But again, both can stand alone (and then some), so gen or one-character focused would be great too!
Possible Ideas/Prompts:
1 - What if Lex had never happened, so Bruce and Clark’s animosity/misunderstanding of each other continued to build on its own without the catalyst of the showdown? What if one or both of them decides to fake-befriend (or more) the other in order to destroy them from the outside in? The emotional/psychological awfulness of this dynamic would be awesome on both sides.
2 - Let’s imagine an extended version of the nightmare sequence (evil!Superman, Batman in chains). What might have happened if Bruce hadn’t woken up when he did? (Assuming Superman decided to have some fun with him before ripping out Bruce’s heart? ;) Or, if Clark had never caught up with him/tricked him with the fake kryptonite, how does Batman survive in that creepy post-apocalyptic world?
3 - What would have happened if Lois didn’t show up when she did during the big fight between Batman and Superman. Now that Bruce has Clark at his mercy, what would he do with him?
The Walking Dead (TV)
(Characters: Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes)
I really loved especially the first few seasons of TWD, up to and including when the group was at the prison (and everything they had to go through to get there). Daryl and Rick have such an interesting dynamic—they’re from such different worlds and you wouldn’t think they’d get along, but somehow they do against all odds. Rickyl is one of my OTPs so anything you could come up with in that pairing would be amazing. Gen/friendship or one-character focused would also be really cool, since these two characters are so unique and multifaceted on their own.
Possible Ideas/Prompts:
1 - I think the amnesia trope would be really interesting with these characters, especially in the world they live in. They rely on each other to survive and have built up an insane amount of trust with each other over the course of the show simply because they had to. What would happen if one of them suddenly forgot everything about the post-walker world and everyone they knew in it?
2 - What would happen if Daryl or Rick (or just one of them) run into group of slavers while they’re out on a supply run?
3 - Going in the supernatural direction, what if one (or both) of the boys had some weird sixth sense or power (like mind reading/mind control, the ability to sense the dead before they come, etc.). How would their relationship be different? Or how would this character’s experience in the post-walker world be different?
Again, please just have fun with whatever you decide to write & I’m sure I’ll love it! I’m really looking forward to getting a trick this Halloween. ;))
Thank you and happy writing!

P.S. Anonymous commenting is on for this post if you have any questions!


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