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 Dear Yuletide Writer,
Happy Yuletide and thanks for writing for me! I’m very excited to see what you come up with (and I hope you’re not stressing at all because I’m super easy to please). ;)) I love reading a variety of stories, so please remember that the ideas/prompts I'm including here are only to help get the creative juices flowing. Optional details are optional! Please don’t feel like you have to be limited by my suggestions. Have fun and go crazy! ;))
Things I like: M/M, plotty stories, first times, BROTPs (with or without benefits), us against the world, loyalty to the point of recklessness, psychological stories, sexual tension, angst, arranged marriages, fake dating, enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, threesomes or moresomes, darkfic, altered states of the mind, powerplay, consent play or consent issues (like hookerfic, slavefic, fuck or die, sex pollen, baddies made them do it, etc.), hurt/comfort, role reversals, unreliable narrator
Things I'm fine with: smut/pwp, kinky sex, violence, rape/non-con or dubcon, unhappy or ambiguous endings, crueltide, yuleporn

Things that are not really my cup of tea: curtainfic, pregnancy (male or female), kidfic, mundane/domestic/coffeeshop AUs, high school AUs (other types of AUs or in-universe fics set pre- or post-canon are more than fine)

Do Not Wants: underage, major (non-canonical) character death, omegaverse, animal abuse, extreme/graphic mutilation, foot fetish, hard kinks that include non-sexual bodily functions (like scat or watersports)
Prometheus (2012)
(Characters: David 8, Charlie Holloway)

Sign-Up Note: You do NOT have to write about both these characters! While a David/Charlie relationship-focused fic (or just smut/pwp) would be awesome, genfic or a story focused on just one of them is perfectly fine (though if you just pick one I do have a (non-binding) preference for David 8). Also please feel free to include any other characters from the movie, whether or not they were in the tagset.

General Thoughts / Things to Consider: While David and Charlie didn't have too much interaction in the movie before Charlie's death, what interaction they did have was delicious. The synthetic (AI)/human power differentials explored in this movie was what made it most compelling for me, and it was really interestingly conveyed in the dynamic between these two characters. And even if we put the whole human/synthetic thing aside, David and Charlie are diametric opposites in terms of personality. The whole thing is made even more electric because of their mutual interest in Elizabeth Shaw. What does David really think about humans (a.k.a. his "creators") in general, and about Charlie specifically? Does Charlie really think he is superior to David, or does his aggression stem from the fact that he's intimidated or threatened by just how "human" (or even superior to humans) David 8 is? Or, stepping back a little, how do synthetics fit into a human world? Do humans really consider themselves "gods" to synthetics the way the The Engineers are "gods" to humans? How do synthetics feel about this (can they even have true feelings)? I think all of these dynamics set a really compelling background to any story centered around David/Charlie (or even one of them). I don't really see these two forming a romantic attachment (though if you can make it work, I'd love to read it!) but just the power dynamics between them would be really interesting to explore through sex or any other kind of interaction.

Inspiration/Fic Rec: My favorite story EVER in this fandom is 
Persephone by Yahtzee. It's David 8/Elizabeth and doesn't really have much of Charlie in it, but I love the way Yahtzee writes David. If you haven't read it already, do yourself a favor and run, do not walk. ;))
Possible Ideas / Prompts:
1 - "The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts." David seems to really like this quote... go wherever this takes you.
2 - What does David see in Charlie's dreams?
3 - What if David and Charlie got stuck overnight together in the Engineers' ship?
4 - What if David and Charlie (instead of Elizabeth) were the only ones to survive at the end of the movie?
5 - (smut): David gives Charlie a hands-on display of "how his lessons have been going". :D
6 - (darkfic, dubcon): Synthetics aren't human, so they don't need to give consent. Maybe they're even used for sex par for the course on an extended mission like the Prometheus'. Charlie needs to let off a little steam, and Elizabeth isn't in the mood. He goes to David instead.
The Last Kingdom (TV)
(Characters: Uhtred, Leofric)

Sign-Up Note: You do NOT have to write about both these characters! While a Uhtred/Leofric relationship-focused fic (or just smut/pwp) would be awesome, genfic or a story focused on just one of them is perfectly fine. Also please feel free to include any other characters from the show, whether or not they were in the tagset.

General Thoughts / Things to Consider: These two are BROTPs of legend, as far as I'm concerned. I adore their interaction on the show: they're snarky, rude assholes to each other, but clearly have a bond that surpasses pretty much every other relationship in their lives (and especially compared to the five-minute-flash love affairs Uhtred has with all of his many women). I love them both because they come from such different backgrounds, but they're so similar to each other underneath it all. They're both warriors and soldiers of fortune, they're both ruthless and smart, and they both don't let the rules stand in the way of what they think is right (or: what they want). And they're both vulnerable and full of feels under their tough exteriors. What are some of the (mis)adventures these two got into while they were training Alfred's soldiers together? How did they pass those long lonely nights when neither of them had women around? What if they had gone on more raids together? What are some of the things Uhtred taught Leofric on how to be a Dane (or that Leofric taught Uhtred on being a Saxon)? If you want to go in a slightly AU direction, this world has so many awesome in-world tropes to play with: arranged marriages, brothels, thralls, oh my. Seriously, anything you can write involving these two, whether shippy or purely platonic, would be awesome. If you want to go in a futurefic direction, we can just pretend that that awful battleground death never happened. Or witches! Witches can solve all kinds of fatal injuries, right? ;)) If you want to pull in other characters, I particularly partial to Frida and Alfred.

Inspiration/Fic Rec: Honestly I haven't read much in this fandom yet; I just recently finished the show and fell head over heels for it. Now I'm really jonesing hard for a good Uhtred/Leofric read!!
Possible Ideas/Prompts:
1 - This fandom absolutely perfect for the arranged marriage trope (it's canon, after all). Taking things a bit AU, what if Leofric (instead of Mildreth) was offered up to Uhtred in marriage to cement his bond to the Saxons?
2 - Uhtred and Leofric don't have much patience for each other at the beginning of the show, but by the end they're best friends (at least). What are some of the things that happen to cement this brotherly bond?
3 - What if Alfred officially assigns Leofric as Uhtred's "keeper" (and makes him responsible for Uhtred's good behavior) while he's with the Saxons? Obviously Uhtred isn't controlled easily. How does Leofric deal with this? How does Uhtred respond?
4 - (smut): Uhtred and Leofric embark on a more personal "cultural exchange". :D
5 - (darkfic, violence): Leofric gets captured by the Danes and is tortured or otherwise mistreated for information about Alfred and the Saxons. Uhtred does whatever he has to to rescue him. (If you want to throw some dubcon/non-con in there, I'd be totally down for that.)
Rome (TV 2005)
(Characters: Julius Caesar, Mark Antony)

Sign-Up Note: You do NOT have to write about both these characters! While a Caesar/Antony relationship-focused fic (or just smut/pwp) would be awesome, genfic or a story focused on just one of them is perfectly fine. Also please feel free to include any other characters from the show, whether or not they were in the tagset.

General Thoughts / Things to Consider: I absolutely ADORED the interaction between Caesar and Antony in Season 1 of Rome. They obviously have so much history together, yet they're so different from each other. Caesar is is a polished patrician under his soldierly roughness, while Antony couldn't give two shits about etiquette. Antony is a total self-indulgent sybarite; he loves taking (and wallowing) in pleasure wherever he can find it, while Caesar is much more severe and self-disciplined. But they're both ruthless soldiers and politicians, and they have an unbreakable bond that sometimes surpasses understanding. They rely on each other. What draws them together? What holds them together? And the power play between these two is absolutely delicious. There's times when Antony bucks hard under Caesar's hold, but he always defers when push comes to shove (even though he never backs down for anyone else). How did Caesar train him to be this way? (If you want to go in a smutty (read: D/s) direction with this, I am ON BOARD. :D) When Caesar is assassinated, Antony seems to be one of the very few people who are personally devastated by his death rather than just upset from a political perspective. Why is this? Both of these characters is incredibly complex in his own right, so I'd be equally happy if you want to write something focused on just one of them. If you want to include other characters, I adore pretty much everyone in this show, but I especially love Posca, Attia, Brutus, Octavian, Octavia and Cleopatra.

Inspiration/Fic Rec: I adore 
Occasions by astolat. It doesn't have Caesar in it, but it's the best characterization of Mark Antony that I have ever read. It's hot and hilarious and just dark enough to make me squirm, exactly my flavor of jam.
Possible Ideas/Prompts:
1 - Antony's loyalty to Caesar is almost startlingly absolute, especially considering the fact that he's otherwise the kind of guy who puts himself first in every situation. How did Caesar earn his loyalty (or how did he drill this loyalty into Antony)?
2 - I adore the way Caesar subtly pits Antony and Brutus against each other for his attention. Go wherever this takes you.
3 - Antony is clearly upset/jealous when he realizes that Caesar had officially named Octavian his heir (and left basically nothing to Antony). What if this had been revealed before Caesar's death? How does Antony respond?
4 - (smut): Caesar and Antony blow off some post-battle steam in the Commander's tent. (Read: hot, athletic sex on the furs by the fire)
5 - (smut, or smut with plot): Antony mouths off one too many times. Caesar teaches him some manners. With his dick.
6 - (even more smut): Caesar/Antony/Cleopatra threesome in Egypt. Include the fancy Egyptian makeup and costumes, and I will love you forever. (In fact, if you include the makeup and costumes, you can leave out Cleopatra for all I care.) :D
7 - (crack) For some unlikely/handwavy reason, Caesar and Antony have to hide out in a fancy brothel and pose as customer & professional. (I'm imagining Antony (un)dressed like one of the manwhores from the brothel that Pullo takes Octavian to, but also painted up with Egyptian-style makeup because, ahem, I apparently have a thing for that.) He probably feels completely ridiculous about it (or... maybe secretly loves it?). Exactly how far they take the charade is up to you. (A more serious/dark story along these lines referencing broken Dacian catamites would also be adored.)

Again, please just have fun with whatever you decide to write & I’m sure I’ll love it! I’m really looking forward to reading your story this holiday season. ;))
Thank you and happy writing!

P.S. Anonymous commenting is on for this post if you have any questions or comments!


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